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Aunt Ev Crane and BlancheJessie Viola Cudworth 18Linda Ann Swartz 8 monthsRamon Devan SpilmanAlbum NoteEliza Dotson Spilman Died 1914Orlee Spilman 6 monthsMinnie Robinson Adopted Daughter of Kate and Geo RobinsonMinnie Robinson 1903Frank SpilmanJenny Hull Jessie Cudworth Age 15 Elmer Merritt 1903Clarence Franklin Spilman 15 months 1911Ace and Zella Cudworth Aug 11 1929Clarence F Spilman 5 months Jan 1911Don 3 months June 24 1914Clarence 8 and Don 3 Spilman Nov 1917Madelene 3 months March 19 1918Floyd E Spilman Primary age 6 1949Sandra Sue Spilman grade 5 age 9 1949Frank D Spilman grade 6 age 10 1949

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Guestbook for Frank D. and Jessie V. Cudworth Spilman family photos
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I've started a gallery of scanned photos from Frank and Jessie Spilman's albums. Many of the people were not identified and of course some may be incorrect. Please let me know if you are able to identify any of the subjects and I will change the photo caption. There is no charge for personal use downloads. Share this link with anyone who would be interested. We want to share this history! Will be adding more from my mother's cedar chest.
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